02/24/2018 ParaShuttle The Notice of Allowance/Statement of Use is due for ParaShuttle.

03/09/2017 ParaShuttle App The Apps for both the user and driver were placed on the Google Play store.

02/03/2017 App for disabled transportation On Feb 1st found out that my Trademark for Paravans has a likelihood of confusion with a handicap manufacturing company Paravan. They are stating that my goods and services are also similar. I have my Trademark in Class 039 and it is not in the same Class as Paravan but the Trademark office finds it that the goods and services are related. On Feb 2nd looked for another great name for my company! I selected a new domain and named the company ParaShuttle.

10/10/2016 App for disabled transportation Was working my current job and saw a para-transit van and realized there are no on demand response transport services for para users. I realized that if I start a company that is for transportation of disabled people it will help people with disabilities. Paravans allows people to use an app to get a private or shared van to transport them to any location.